About Us

We want you to get to better fishing, faster. 

Our engaging online experience and “all-in-one” field pocket guides get you up the fishing curve much faster.  Our destination, how-to, cooking, and interest stories are right at your fingertips – mobile, online or in your fly vest.  Each post, article, and field guide is reviewed by local guides for accuracy and thoroughness.

We love fishing new spots. 

Trying the next promising spot next takes really good information, because even the best new spots take figuring out.  Each place has its own secrets and fishes differently than other spots you’ve been.  A new location can take several days before you really start to understand it.  We provide both destination highlights and “deep dives” to get you just the right amount of information.

Why our guides?

We want you to catch awesome fish, faster.  Techniques and insects vary between even nearby rivers, so local fly patterns and fishing methods evolve and adapt.  Good information is scattered – books, fly shops, road & topo maps, online fishing reports, more.  Once there…will you really find the best spots – or do you just get pointed where the crowds go?   How many hours do you spend scouting instead of fishing?

Who are we?

Fly Fishing Field Guides is your go-to source for fly fishing, providing valuable, engaging content to fly fishing anglers. Based in the Great Northwest, our contributing authors are from across the USA, devoted to providing you need-to-know information to get to quality fishing faster, advance our great sport, and support the conservation that makes it so great.

We love fly shops and guides!

We honor and support the fly shops and guides that know the river best.  Fly shops have personality and are an experience, where fishing lore is exchanged. Large online retailers may sell en mass, but their general sales are rarely specific to what you really need to catch fish.  For this reason, we highlight and sponsor fly shops and guides that can make your experience the best.

About the Founder and Chief Editor

An avid flyfisher for 40 years, M ark Velicr has lived and fly fished in Washington, Michigan, California, Pennsylvania and New York along with countless fishing trips to other states and countries. During his busy career working for three Fortune 500 companies, he noticed how much time it takes to really figure out a new fishing spot.  And this was right when he’d rather be fishing!  His favorite place is on the water, including white water kayaking, rafting, drift boating, and hiking to alpine lakes.

Publisher’s Corner

We welcome your comments! We publish updates to our guides every year, in order to enhance, improve, and correct our content.  To provide comments, propose a guest article, ask about permissions,  workshops, trainings, or guide services, send us a note through our Contact page.

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