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Video Tips: Fly Casting From A Kayak

We’ve screened hours of videos to bring you the best tips for casting from a kayak, with a summary of each so you can quickly decide which are most useful to watch.

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Fishing from a kayak increases the amount of water you can fish, in a big way, and can get you to get some of the best fly fishing in the USA.  Consider these tips from the pros to make your casting from a fly fishing kayak more effective.

From Kayak Hacks, this succinct clip under 3 minutes suggests two ideas:

  • Kneeling to get more freedom casting without compromising stability from standing, and
  • Using a trimmed portion of tarp as a line basket.

  • Another nice and short one from NuCanoe, in less than 3 minutes covers:
    • Keeping the deck clear (without a line basket)
    • Keeping rod tip low while stripping to ensure fly reacts
    • How to stand in a kayak
    • Shooting the line for distance

We think these tips apply to all fish species, but are especially important when pursuing large trophies.  Fly fishing for striped bass, for example, can actually result in pulling you off your feet and overboard!  While these videos don’t cover what the best fly fishing kayaks are, or the best kayak fishing accessories, you can find more by clicking on the links to read some of our other articles.

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Salt Strong covers a few more handy setup ideas in this 6 minute video:

  • A casting basket from a milk crate and zip ties, mounted with PVC pipe
  • Pool noodle section zip-tied to crate as a temporary fly rod holder
  • Alternatively, use a beach towel to avoid line tangles (if wet it’ll get heavy though)
  • Use of a rod holder, Scotty brand (standard model works fine, not just fly rod model)
  • On the water demo of above suggestions, casting while standing

If you want to get further into some of the more technical aspects of casting, this more detailed 8-minute video by covers:

  • Anchoring both bow and stern in the wind
  • Straight line casting and casting stroke
  • Rod position while retrieving line
  • Rod tip trajectory and rod movement after casting
  • Casting in the wind
  • Double Haul for more distance, in the wind

Also, for more on the best fishing kayaks to use for fly fishing (which has considerations very different from other types of fishing), be sure to read our article below on best fishing kayaks 2019.  We will update it soon, but so far our findings from last year still apply to the best fishing kayaks 2020.  Be sure to check out our Recent Posts for gear updates, including best salmon fly rods 2019 and 2020, trout and salmon fly rod reviews, and other interest articles such as the best fishing YouTube channels.

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